Bomb Token

Destined to explode at every transaction until the last $BOMB standing


Phase I

πŸ’₯ Creating media (Website, graphics, logos, animations, videos etc.)

πŸ’₯ Creating and managing social media accounts

πŸ’₯ Marketing and promotion projects (Airdrops, Contests etc.)

πŸ’₯ Listing on LiveCoinWatch

πŸ’₯ Price bot implementation on TG channel

Phase II

πŸ’£ Website updates and redesign

πŸ’₯ Marketing and promotion projects (YouTube videos etc.)

πŸ’£ Listing on CoinGecko

πŸ’£ Searching and applying partnerships (NFT, NGO, Community etc.)

Phase III

πŸ’£ Listing on CoinMarketCap

πŸ’£ Listing on CEX

πŸ’£ Organizing events and donations

πŸ’£ Developing a bombing themed NFT mining game